Thursday, 17 July 2014

Restaurant 360, Dubrovnik, Croatia

When we arrived in Dubrovnik, we asked our taxi driver about the more famous Restaurant Nautika what he thought of it and his reply was "oh, it's for old people and politicians", but when we asked about Restaurant 360 the reply came "ah, that's a lovely restaurant, it's cooler and for young people!" 

And because, you know, we're hip and kosher (at least I think that's what the cool kids say these days) we decided on Restaurant 360. Thanks Mr Taxi Driver!

So the entire restaurant is literally inside the city walls, you eat on top of the walls with a panoramic view of Dubrovnik (hence the name...). It's all very cosy and romantic and posh without being stuffy, which we really liked.

Would we come back? Definitely! Think worth a flight to Croatia just for this restaurant :)

On entering the restaurant the maître d' leads you hit rough the outdoor bar area and past the inside bit of he restaurant (gorgeous in itself, photos later) and up the stairs to the top of the city walls. Obviously I got my phone out and got a little snap happy, but we she was very polite despite the fact that I was, frankly, being a little bit weird.

Alcove in the bar area. Cosy!

We were really worried that it would rain during our dinner since a storm was passing through Dubrovnik that week and it was HEAVY. Luckily the rain held out and we didn't need to make a mad dash inside...

.... But as you can see above the inside is really very pretty anyway. Go in the winter. 

Obviously, cocktails to start! I had an aeperol spritz type cocktail and my boyfriend decided on something that had something alcoholic in it (I don't remember, but I can say that much without making stuff up). It was nicceeeee.

Pretending to be grown ups is fun!

Okay, so onto the food! We had an amuse bouche complement of the chef to chomp on (technical term) first, it was a raw tuna creation with lots of foam and some truffle and some other creamy thing that I don't remember the name of.

(Not selling it so well, but I loved it so much that I ate my boyfriend's portion too...)

We were, of I course, given a bread basket with the freshest olive oil but I forgot to take a photo :(

Roasted scallops with crispy lettuce hearts and citrus sauce.

My starter - fresh tuna with avocado guacamole, soya sauce, ginger and sesame. 

Sea bass, sautéed spinach, tomatoes, black olives and pantelleria tomatoes, I don't know what pantelleria tomatoes are, but I tasted it. And I liked it.

His main - slowly cooked lamb shoulder, fried lamb chop, spinach and red paprika. That lamb was divine. Probably better than my sea bass if I admit! 

Ah, so he only one thing that Restaurant Dubrovnik disappointed us on was that we ordered the strawberry cheesecake for dessert (we're suckers for a bit of cream cheese and digestive biscuits), but they we're out. They offered us the other dessert choices but we opted for a coffee and dessert wine instead. I'm not sure if we were supposed to get petit fours but assuming we should, we didn't. But we didn't want to complain anyway since I was having trouble breathing in my top with the amount of food I'd consumed so it was happy to stop there.
I would highly recommend Restaurant 360 if and when you're in Dubrovnik, the restaurant is beautiful, food is superb (I guess clearly the cheesecake does well!), and the waiters are very knowledgeable about the menu. This, of course, comes at a very steep price (think of a high end London restaurant type wallet dent). 

But hey, it's a special occasion and you're on holiday! Go go go!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dubrovnik. The city of blue skies, clear seas, and a whole lot of seafood.

This is the view from our hotel room balcony. It was beautiful. We literally got there, ran on to the balcony, and took a deep breath of lovely fresh sea air. 

And I thought...

Hey, I could get used to this.

Dubrovnik is a coastal town (and one of the most visited detonations) in Croatia, where you're right on the coast of the Adriatic. 

And you know what this means? 


I did wonder if at some point I was starting to grow gills from all of this seafood. Even if I did, it would have been so worth it. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Taste of London 2014

If you are a Londoner, you might have seen the posters advertising Taste of London everywhere. But I didn't need any persuading. I was totally there.

For non-Londoners, Taste is one of the biggest food festivals where loads of top restaurants (I MET MICHEL ROUX) and food producers come together and exhibit their dishes / products (which are all available to buy), which range from Scotch eggs to spicy Korean marinade to gourmet gin & tonic flavoured popcorn. 

It was awesome, I only wish the event was open longer...

Did I mention that I met Michel Roux?

So the day went something like this...

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Strawberry, Lime And Basil No-Bake Cheesecake

I have to admit, I've been off the cake market for some time. I'm not having a cake affair, I promise (I am not cheating on cake with vegetables!), but I have been busy with exams and work and the like.

Cake, will you be my best friend again??

I've entered my recipe into the Rix Aga Inspired Recipes Competition for June! The theme this month is strawberries, so I think I'm in pretty good shape here :) 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Restaurant A. Wong, London Victoria

Raise your hand if you like dim sum. No, the prawn toast doesn't count. Put the prawn toast down. Good.

Aahh...dumplings. Now we're talking :D

This dim sum post kicks of a series of restaurant related posts I've got coming up. I haven't found the time to bake very much in the lead up to this exam I have in June (I've somewhat called it a "baking ban" I'm going on but I think that's just a paraphrase of "gotten a bit lazy and time constrained"). However, I have remained to find the time to eat, whoop whoop! Which, you know, is great.

Moving on to restaurant A Wong. It's a small restaurant just off Victoria station which, in my opinion, looks a bit takeaway-ey from the outside, but in the inside it's an oasis of dim sum related well cooked and beautifully presented upmarket Chinese food. I came here with my boyfriend a few weeks back after hearing some pretty damn good reviews. We were not disappointed, hurray!