Tuesday 31 May 2011

Super Mario cake pops

Before I go on, I don't want to take the credit and say I made these, because I didn't. Two of my friends saw my first cake pops post and the link to Bakerella I put up, and wanted to try their own version of her Mario ones. I was lucky enough to be given a few after they made them (thank you!), and I thought they were awesome and cutesome and yummy...some, so I took some photos and put them up on here to share :)

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Lolly Log Cake

Over dinner in hall the other night:

Me: "Oh, you said your sister knits hats? Is that what she's wearing in that picture?"

N-: "Yeah, she knits hats for herself."

A-: "Haha, that's like Hermione, she knits hats for house elves!"

Me: "No no, N- said that his sister knits hats for HERSELF, not HOUSE ELVES."

A-: "I know, I wasn't talking about his sister."

N-: "Well, I'm glad we cleared that up."

Completed unrelated to anything I'm making, but this is just to showcase... my stupidity?

Oh dear, exam week isn't looking good.

Also, if you are at Cambridge University, have exams, and are within cycling distance from me (sorry Girton/Homerton College people... and I may give preference to Economists, seeing as I feel your pain and all), then I will deliver a slice of this to the pidgeonhole of the first 6 people to comment :) (on the blog, or on facebook, but if you do both that doesn't meant you get two slices!)

If you don't have exams, well, you can make your own :p

Sunday 22 May 2011

I award thee...

A while ago, I was so lucky to get not one, or two, but three (times a lady...) blog awards in one week. I'm so sorry it took me something like a month to blog about it, but it just took me an age to think up seven random facts about me that weren't:

a) incredibly boring
b) economics related 
c) both.

Anyway, it's not that long. I made this Light and Dark Chocolate Mousse in 2009 and am FINALLY getting round to blogging and posting a recipe on it.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Watermelon cake pops

I FINISHED MY ECONOMETRICS PROJECT!!! If you have been within a 20 feet radius of me within the last week, I apologise now. No one deserves that much economics bombarded on them. (Sometimes I wonder if I deserve to have this much economics bombarded on me.)

And so to celebrate, I am rewarding myself with a new post on here :)

I made these a while ago when I made the first 'accidental cake pops', which is where you can find the basic recipe.

When I made these at a family barbecue, all of the comments where 'oooh, what lovely strawberry cakes!' They're meant to be watermelon.


Well, maybe it could look a bit like strawberry from far off...

Actually, nope. Definitely watermelon.

Also, I also made this as I know that now the weather is warmer many of you feel inclined to eat more fruit. This counts as one of your five-a-day, right?

Monday 9 May 2011

Ever thought "I need to get off Facebook and put my face IN A BOOK"?

Well, now you can!

This is probably definitely the geekiest cake I've made. 

Did it help with any revision for my upcoming exams? No. 

But was it tasty? Yes. Well, I hope so anyway :)

This is a post for those of you who have upcoming exams (or have already had a few!). I'm not sure about other universities, but at mine we call Easter term 'exam term', though as my friend very rightly pointed out, it should probably be renamed 'procrastination term'. This is very true. From what I have observed, we have two types: a) those whose facebook usage increases exponentially b) those whose facebook gets disabled and actual work takes place. I have, unfortunately, this term, begun to fall victim of the former category.

Incidentally, I have created a facebook page for my blog! I would be eternally happy and smiley if you would hop over and take a look. You could even click the 'like' button if you fancied it :)

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Chocolate Chilli and Lime Bread

Yes, it's from the Green & Black's cookbook! (And no, I'm not being paid to make all of these recipes.) I haven't made bread from scratch since Food Technology lessons in year 9, when we made bread, and I really really wanted to do well so I could get a green slip. Green slips were like getting merits, but green and had stars on it. If you got a red slip, you were in trouble. If you got three green slips, you got something really cool and special.

Or maybe it was just a letter home. I forget.