Sunday 26 June 2011

Meringue Roulade With Chocolate

I'm worried that since exams I've gotten less... funny :S I mean, not that I'm saying you guys were falling-off-your-seats-lolling about at my blog (yes, lolling, not 'haha'-ing, because if so, you are living in the dark ages), but I'd just run out of sarcasm (mostly pointless, sometimes witty) and jokes (mostly at myself, sometimes at someone else) to keep even myself entertained :O

I blame it on the exams. I blame it on the stress. I blame it on the lack of sugar I've been eating recently.

But it's fine, this meringue if full of it! I'll be back to normal in no time!

Friday 24 June 2011

Cambridge - May Week

I'm just doing a quick post on May Week in Cambridge University, which will be brief because I run the risk of sounding just a teeny bit pretentious. Absolutely spiffing. Darling.

(I almost thought of not blogging about this, but I got some weird looks taking all those photos of food, I didn't want my weirdness to go to waste!)

May Week is the official week of celebrations, which happens afters exams end, is actually in June. It might have been in May sometime 200 years ago, but things never change around here.

This year, I went to 3 different colleges within the University's May Ball's: Robinson College, Trinity College, and St John's College. They're held inside the college, and are from 9pm to 6am. Various food, entertainment, and bopping around uncomfortably in tailcoats to Rihanna ensues. 
For me,

I dressed up.

I took loads of photos.

I ate loads of food.

I'm now showing you said food :)

So as you can see, for the price of £150 a ticket for each ball (which works out to be a sacrifice of about 300 Snickers bars - think of the calories you're saving!), we had oysters...

Friday 17 June 2011

Bento box: Little Elves

This is my first post using a CasaBento bento box. It's adorable. Soooo adorable. Look!

Loook! :D

(It's the Little Kokeshi Hanako Bento Box in case you're interested).

Sunday 12 June 2011

Three Pôts de Crème

I finally finished my exams :)

Life is pretty good right now.