Monday 1 August 2016

Nutella Oat Cookies

Hello blog, I am back!

After, wow, 7 months, I decided that I still needed my creative outlet. So here I am, hello :)

I have been travelling a lot and despite staying in Airbnb's most of the time, the closest I've gotten to an oven is one time when I was trying to make baked camembert, and baked it to its slow cheesy death. So I stayed away after that.

But I'm back with some oaty nutella cookies, because a good friend of mine gave me my very own personalised jar of nutella for a housewarming present (see the photo? That's my name! You know when you were on a school trip and everyone bought a key ring or a pencil with their name on it? Well, that was me, like, never). 

So, I didn't want to open it the jar for longest time but in the end, my sugar cravings got the better of me.

I'd like to say that I shared the cookies around the office...but, you know what, somehow it just didn't make it that far :)

So, whilst writing this post I've realised that, whilst very factually correct, I have rather unimaginatively named this post 'Nutella Oat Cookies'. Therefore, other names that I think may be appropriate are:

- Mushy Smushy Chocolatey Goodness Cookies

- Make Friends Instantly Cookies

- Your Dentist Has A Field Day Cookies

- You Know You Want To Give Me That Promotion Cookies*

What do you think?

*may not actually help you with that promotion. 

Sunday 10 January 2016

Happy new year! (and a little belated Christmas post)

Happy new year! Did you all have a nice break over the holidays?

I know, I know, how did it finish so quickly? Why are we back? What is even happening???

All very good questions. Unfortunately never answerable, but still.

So, last December I had the privilege of doing a baking photo shoot with Josephine from Courage & Dash (which you just have to check out), who has the most amazing photography skills. We thought it would be great to team up and photograph some baking! And so, off I went, to see what I could make that would be pretty.

That resulted in a pecan cheesecake, mulled wine cupcakes, baileys cupcakes and cranberry & white chocolate cookies. The butterscotch topping on the pecan pie started melting down the sides of the cheesecake (as you can see), but we decided that this just made it, rustic.

I had intended to post this before Christmas (hence the baubles), but I got distracted (probably by something shiny). So I will make it a glittery new year post :) I promise to post the recipes up soon but in the meantime I recommend you recreating the taste of the Baileys cupcakes by....drinking some Baileys. What better way to spend today's lazy Sunday afternoon? :)

All photography by the very talented Josephine, all baking by me. I hope you like the photos and, of course, all the best for 2016!

Lots of love,
Pudding Pie Lane