Sunday 31 July 2011

Bento box: Froggy faces

It's Kermit The Frog! Or as my friend said when I asked him what he thought I had made this time, 'oh, that's obvious, it's Kermit The Toad'.

It's like that time when my other friend was reading the paper and asked 'what's a Wayne Rooney?'.

I love my friends :D

Sunday 24 July 2011

The House That Xinmei built!

Yes I know the photo isn't great, but it sure tasted good!

I made this for my boyfriend's birthday, Notebook style (because if I can't make a house out of wood, I can at least make one out of cake!) - except I'm being Noah here... :) There is a story, but that's for another day... (Hope you had a happy birthday!)

The cake is coffee cake, because it is The Boyf's favourite. The roof is shortbread because I like it (and yes, I just said 'Boyf'... please don't hate me, I don't think I'll ever say that again!). The icing is white chocolate, because it was on offer in Tescos ;)

Sunday 10 July 2011

Brown Sugar Fresh Fruit Cake

Sorry I've been so rubbish with my blog lately. I thought that after I'd finished my exams, I'd have loads of time to bake and blog and read things and occasionally do Other Meaningful Things.

But I was wrong!

Investment banking internships take up a lot of time :(

Especially when you have to be in work by 6.45am. (And no, we don't get to leave at 5pm). However, I quite like what I'm doing and learning...

I think.
I hope....
I pray.

I mean, I better, since I have 8 more weeks to go. So, sorry for not catching up with reading your blogs out there, but don't sorry I still click through and drool over the photos! :) Oh, and thanks for those recommendations about places to eat on my last post, hopefully one day I'll actually get to try some of those places out!