The Green & Black's Challenge

The Green & Black's cookbook, a.k.a. my baking guide, my bible, my Book, is the reason why I started blogging.

Most of it is explained in: 'Green & Black's, where it all began', of which the important bits are:

"this 16th birthday present has, for almost 3 years, just about solely dictated my use of the oven, my chocolate consumption and unfortunately, my waistline. It was sometime about a year or so ago, when I was just a mere 20-something recipes into the book, that for some crazy reason I decided "hell, let's bake EVERY SINGLE recipe in here". And so it was done."

"Today, after a few (thousand?) hours of mixing, folding, melting, rolling, frying, whipping, a fair few kilos of 70% chocolate, many a run of the dishwasher, and lots and lots of trips to ASDA, I am proud to say that I have slaved my way through 72 100 recipes, with 25 8 to go"

I know I know, call me crazy. But it's a challenge, and what would life be without them? :)

I did start blogging quite late into my journey through this book, and I didn't really take many photos before I started blogging (they weren't very good anyway), but I've made a collage of my favourite photos through the years.

If you want to find a Green & Black's recipe, either click on the 'Green & Black's tag at the side of this page, or type in any of the recipes/Green&Black's into the search bar! (I'll be putting up a list of links to ones that I have blogged about soon, so watch this space!)

I will try to post the remainder of the recipes on here (which explains some of the strange ones), I'm so close to finishing now, it will seem like I've finally achieved something AMAZING.

And I'm very, VERY excited.


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