Sunday 27 March 2011

Chocolate Pecan Pie

This is a story about a chocolate pecan pie. (Feel free to sing along :)

Early morning, girl wakes up,
Chop chop chop, on the board,
It's time to bake up, perfect smell,
It's you they're all eating for, they go:

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Chocolate and Lemongrass Mousse

When I made this, it was just to get another one made from the Green & Black's cookbook. I thought chocolate and lemongrass would be weird, but it was...actually nice. Really yummy.

Yay :)

It's just that the first 4 years that lemongrass was in my life I'd only ever known it in the form of Fairy lemongrass antibacterial washing up liquid. And so it took me the next 4 years to get over the idea that lemongrass was in fact, an ingredient, and not just what washing up liquid tasted like.

I actually quite like the chocolate and lemon combination now. Maybe I might even try dipping lemons in the chocolate fountain next time. It can't be worse than dipping in cheddar cheese slices, but that's a story for another day...

Saturday 12 March 2011

Sushi Cake!

I don't normally like to say I'm particularly good at baking, but I'm going to make an exception. This is epic...unless you don't know what sushi is.

But for those who do, well, hello world, I have arrived ;)

I was trying to think how long this took me compared to my meringue brownie cake, but then I decided I couldn't compare them. This is bigger. This was better. And it was definitely not blander.

Oh, and if you really don't know what sushi is (?!?!), then head over here for some good old rice lovin' and here for sushi photos!

Monday 7 March 2011

Macarons, dance shows and other sparkly things

There was once a girl from Cambridge,
Watching her degree go down the drainage,
So she decided to dance,
Well it sure is more fun,
Then analysing the economics of
supply and demand.

And as all parents do,
They said "we'll see you at your dance show soon!"
They came on the day,
Were soon back on their way,
But not before leaving her a BIG BOX OF MACARONS!!

My dad just got back from a business trip from Paris, so that's how I got them. They told me they had a 'surprise' for me, and I thought it was just more dumplings from home...but THIS WAS AMAZING!! 

Thursday 3 March 2011

Chocolate, Pear and Ginger Tart

I'm kind of cheating again, I did make this tart in January when I met up with some friends, and it was my 'thank you for hosting present'. And then when I got home I was going to blog about it, because it was from my Green & Black's cookbook!

But then this phenomenon called laziness took over and I decided to take a nap instead.

I mean, it's not like I've been sleeping for the last two months, I just never got round to it ;) But it's perfect because I've performing in a dance show tomorrow and in between pirouetting around the stage at trying to calculate multiple game theory equilibria (sadly not simultaneously, now THAT would be time saving), I haven't really had time to bake (I know, I know, if my cake tin had emotions, it would be weeping from neglect).

But anyway, here it is, in all of its ginger and pear and chocolate glory, ready to be baked by wonderful people like YOU! :)