Sunday 14 July 2013

Individual Peach Frangipanes

Hands up who knows what a frangipane is?

One...two...really? That it?

A couple of my friends got very excited as I told them that I had baked, and they thought I must have made cupcakes. Yay cupcakes! I had to then admit I'd made frangipanes, which are much more interesting if a little uglier (my fault). The conversation went something like this...

"What?? Where's the cupcakes?

"I didn't make cupcakes. I made frangipane."

"What's that?"

"It's like a tart with almondy stuff and peaches in it"

"Hm, okay.  
Hey guys, Xinmei's brought cupcakes!"

What? Where?

Although the next day, I got a very sweet thank you message for the frangipane:

"Hey Xinmei, thanks for the pecan pie yesterday!! It was delicious!"

Hm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Sunday 7 July 2013

Onyx Restaurant, Budapest

Continuing on from my Budapest post, my friend and I decided to foray into out first overseas Michelin star restaurant at Onyx, in the centre of the city. Onyx is one of the two Michelin restaurants in Budapest and we choose this one as it looked more, well, funky. Funky is good.

There was a LOT of food. So I'm just going to jump straight into the photos :D