About me

My name is Xinmei, I bake and I like to take photos of what I bake. Occasionally I cook too.

The first time I ever baked anything was in a Food Technology class in school; I was eleven. I made something that didn't really resemble anything edible... but hopefully things have changed since then!

Growing up, each birthday I was given lots of cookbooks and baking books, so I started baking from them, and one thing led to another... and here I am! 

All the way through the rest of school and university I’m still baking through the same cookbooks, although occasionally I like to use my own recipes and ‘see what happens’ :)

A bit more about me

To summarise, a girl who trying to juggle working in the City and baking at the same time...

Although I’d love to, I’ve never taken any courses or classes in cooking (or baking), so I learn from seeing other blogs and making things myself. As for photography, I’ve never had any classes in that either. I got my first Canon SLR when I was 19, which was my dad’s old one that I ‘borrowed’ (and maybe just kind of forgot to return), and began experimenting with taking photos. I don’t have any other professional equipment and you can usually find me using one of my dresses as a backdrop for a photo. I’d love to tell you more about the camera I use, but I don’t actually know. It’s big, it’s got a huge lens, and it’s heavy. It does the trick :)

A bit about the blog 

It’s a place for me to put up photos that I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time photographing, and a place to waffle about anything that catches my attention. 

Thanks for stopping by!

If you have any questions, you can contact me at puddingpielane@gmail.com.


  1. Hi Xinmei, nice to know you. Thank you so much for your lovely comment during your visit the other day. I'm so glad you stopped by, otherwise I wouldn't have found your amazing blog! I'm so impressed by all your works! They're really very awesome! ;D
    I'm like you--My very first (one and only) baking experience was during Home Economics class in High Sch. After that, I never baked again anymore bcoz I don't own any ovens other than MICROWAVE oven and I'm more interested in cooking than baking (this is why I don't have an oven until now). LOL ;P
    Hope to learn some baking skills from you! ;)

  2. Hi Xinmei
    Think your blog is really fun , I'm trying to find out what Cambridge is all about food wise , i think you have given me an idea !!!
    keep it up

  3. Hi Xinmei,
    I love about you pages and yours is great. You are so right, there isn't much money to be made in cooking. I used to be a chef and the money was awful!
    Great fun blog, I hope to read more :))

  4. Hi, it's Mike from badminton....I have one question...where does all this cake go once you've baked it??!!? (i.e. give it to me, please). :)

  5. tu travailles au restaurant Reach bar ?


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