Monday 1 August 2016

Nutella Oat Cookies

Hello blog, I am back!

After, wow, 7 months, I decided that I still needed my creative outlet. So here I am, hello :)

I have been travelling a lot and despite staying in Airbnb's most of the time, the closest I've gotten to an oven is one time when I was trying to make baked camembert, and baked it to its slow cheesy death. So I stayed away after that.

But I'm back with some oaty nutella cookies, because a good friend of mine gave me my very own personalised jar of nutella for a housewarming present (see the photo? That's my name! You know when you were on a school trip and everyone bought a key ring or a pencil with their name on it? Well, that was me, like, never). 

So, I didn't want to open it the jar for longest time but in the end, my sugar cravings got the better of me.

I'd like to say that I shared the cookies around the office...but, you know what, somehow it just didn't make it that far :)

So, whilst writing this post I've realised that, whilst very factually correct, I have rather unimaginatively named this post 'Nutella Oat Cookies'. Therefore, other names that I think may be appropriate are:

- Mushy Smushy Chocolatey Goodness Cookies

- Make Friends Instantly Cookies

- Your Dentist Has A Field Day Cookies

- You Know You Want To Give Me That Promotion Cookies*

What do you think?

*may not actually help you with that promotion.