Sunday 23 October 2011

Bento Box: Pikachu!

Did anyone else play the Pokemon cards game when they were cool? Anyone remember the special edition Mew card that came out with the Pokemon movie? Or battling your Pokemon on your gameboy colour and doing that cheat where you swim along the shore and get all those special Pokemon?

Or was that just me?

I have to admit, I sold my Pokemon card collection (including the very first beginners pack) in a car boot sale 5 years ago. For £1. £1!!!!! If a finance background has taught me anything, it's that it totally was an undervalued sale.

In other words, a stupid mistake.

...the first of many, many more to come.

Anyway, this is the Bento box I got this month from CasaBento. They've got the cutest collection of travel mugs. (Great for looking 'trendy' in the office, apparently. But to be honest I think if you bring a Poke Ball lunch to the office you will be the talk of the town. It will be a new trend, just you wait)

I also apologise to my readers (if I still have any readers :S) for the lack of updates recently! As you can see, my cooking facilities this year are quite small:

Not exactly ideal, as I don't have an oven, a hob, and we are only allowed to have two plugs in the kitchen. Seeing as the fridge has to be plugged in the whole time, I can only use either the toaster OR the microwave OR the kettle when I want to. This results in a frantic plugging and unplugging in that socket to make sure my coffee and toast and baked beans are all hot at the same time. It may also make sure that I'll probably get an electric shock by the time I've finished this year. Oh dear....


Oh, oh oh oh I just came across some of the best cringiest Pokemon jokes. I HAD to share them :D

Why shouldn't you take a shower around a Pokemon?
They might Pikachu!
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Ivysaur who?
I've a sore knuckle from knocking and knocking.

How did the first person to discover electric Pokemon feel?

Okay okay, I'll stop. I know, I'm just TOO funny (ahem, good at copying and pasting)

Above, when Pikachu came to a rather unfortunate end (i.e. I microwaved it because the rice was getting funny smelly). I wonder if this is what happens to Pokemon if they never get released from the Pokeballs? 

Hm, it's one of the great mysteries of life.


This bento box was really the bane of my existence this week. I made the rice on Monday and didn't have time to make the face and things until Thursday, which my then the rice had dried up and it was impossible to stick in spaghetti to hold the ears together. In fact, the ear kept falling off. In the end it just crumbled :(

Hence if you look closely at the first photo in this post, you'll notice the cheeky little piece of cheese being used as an ear instead :)

I used asafoetida powder (a yellow curry powder) to colour the rice, which worked wonderfully. However you are supposed to fry the powder first before cooking, but I didn't. Therefore, it tasted foul :/

But it looked good!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful roommate who has put up with my messiness in the kitchen (so called 'gyp rooms' in Cambridge. Why? Apparently because gypsies used to work in there. Don't ask me!), and for hopefully putting up with it this year too....? :) :)

Also, dear roommate: one day I WILL be able to microwave something without it exploding all over the microwave. I promise!

p.s. I almost forgot! One of my best friends - Mary from Citying Pretty - did an ode to Pikachu for one of the fancy dress thingies at Uni. I'm going to post it here with kind permission from her, and also hopefully this will be a little nudge for her to UPDATE HER BLOG :D


  1. fun i liked those and ninji turtles poor thing on the kitchen

  2. i love how you made the pikachu bento in a pokemon case! adorable :). i wish i knew how to make adorable bentos!!! have a great day xinmei!

  3. What a shocking post in such a fun sense, Xinmei. Please be careful with the plugging and the exploding experiments in the microwave - please! Love your bento - and served in that trendy box? Too cool.

  4. Aw such a cute bento box! I was also just like that with all the pokemon was such a craze! I loved it!

  5. I don't fancy Pokemon/Pikachu so not to mention playing those cards (maybe my gals would know how and I got to know about this cartoon character THRU THEM!) lol ;P
    But I really love your cool and cute bento box! Your pikachu is so cute too! ;)

  6. Really fun to make and looks so cute!

  7. OMG!!! I used to play Pokemon in high school and it was quite popular back then, all the Poke-battles and capture MissingNo. as you mention, haha. Good old memories. I never play the card game, my bro and I were hooked on Magic The Gathering and we still do (and making a lot of profits with the card economy, haha).

    Is that the kitchen in Trinity College? When I first saw this, I can't imagine me cooking in this kitchen, I need room for my appliances and a stove is quite useful.

    Nice pikachu bento. Love it!

  8. This is so cute! My kids love pikachu and they would be at the top of the world if I make these! Thanks for the post!

  9. Cute you bento...
    Hope you have a great week ahead and stay safe in your kitchen :-)

  10. You really don't have much room in that kitchen, you poor thing! Can you plug in a hot plate and make soup maybe? Well you will certainly learn to be inventive! Very cute little pikachu - sorry you didn't fry the asafoetida : (


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