Friday 2 December 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
A santa made from plastic cheese..."

Merry December!

I thought I would start off the month with a Babybel Santa. When I was 10, I hated cheese. In fact, I would go to pizza hut, peel off the topping and eat the crust. But I did love peeling babybels. In fact, I would spend every lunchtime asking my friends (the cool ones who had packed lunches because I always had school dinners) if I could peel their babybels. I think you got a bit annoyed of me after a while (so I'm apologising! I know it's 10 years too late but I'm sorry!)

Plus, I'm going home (from Uni) on Sunday so I will be reunited with my oven very soon :) Although I have a mountain of work to do my Secret Santa got me a Christmas apron so I've got no excuse not to bake! Watch this space!


I just also wanted to let you know that Cooking Gallery is hosting a Bento contest.It's being sponsored by CasaBento (the cool people who make those cool Bento boxes that I use), so I think you should check it out - even if it's just for oogling the adorable Bento box on Cooking Gallery's competition page!

I'll be making a Christmas themed Bento soon as well. Christmas + rice = Christmarice??

(I'll have another think and get back to you.)


  1. Aw love the cute Babybel santa i cant wait to get started on festive baking...i still hate cheese unfortunately :( i always have :( i cant find one i like!

  2. Oh, you're so funny about asking your friends if you could peel their babybels! LOL ;P
    I love cheese since young and I could just snacked on cheese alone w/o any breads. Now I don't anymore (bcoz I've my new love, melted cheese), maybe once a blue moon. ;)

    I'm also taking part in CG's bento contest! So glad to know that you'll be joining in the fun! ;D
    I still haven't decide on my theme yet tho (initially did thot of the Christmas theme as it's round the corner). I might just use one of my previous bentos which I've not publish out in my blog bcoz I seldom make bento now during the sch vacation.


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