Monday 13 August 2012

Olympics Sports Bento Box

On Saturday I went to see the (amazing) rhythmic gymnastics final, and whilst it did inspire me to dance and twirl, I didn't get much further than going into the splits before almost pulling a muscle. 

Sooooo, I decided to cook about the Olympics instead! 

I've got badminton in my bento box as it's my favourite sport. And I also made a football, because well, this is probably the only opportunity I'll ever take to get close to any type of football. 

Yes, even the ones made of rice =O

To make the Olympics rings, I used:

Yellow - lemon peel
Green - spring onion
Red - tomato
Black -suhi nori
Blue - um, a piece of blue card cut out from an Oxo cube tox (please don't judge me, I had no blueberries to hand)

Hm, the blue ring does stand out a bit oddly doesn't it? Oh well, not everyone can be a winner in the Olympics.

For the rice, I coloured them using:
Yellow - asafoetida powder
Red - ketchup

What did you think of the Opening/Closing ceremonies? Can I admit that I screamed when One Direction came on? And for the Spice Girls too... and who knew Taio Cruz was British?

Anyway, enjoy the bento box :) You could make it for the Paralympics, Winter Olympics or just wait till Rio!


  1. I went to the rhythmic gymnastics final too - it was all so pretty! Totally agree about Taio Cruz - who knew?! This is such a clever bento box, what a way to celebrate.


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