Wednesday 2 July 2014

Dubrovnik. The city of blue skies, clear seas, and a whole lot of seafood.

This is the view from our hotel room balcony. It was beautiful. We literally got there, ran on to the balcony, and took a deep breath of lovely fresh sea air. 

And I thought...

Hey, I could get used to this.

Dubrovnik is a coastal town (and one of the most visited detonations) in Croatia, where you're right on the coast of the Adriatic. 

And you know what this means? 


I did wonder if at some point I was starting to grow gills from all of this seafood. Even if I did, it would have been so worth it. 

Speaking of restaurants, we looked them up in advance and read about one called Nautika, as it was the only Michelin start restaurant in Dubrovnik. But speaking to the locals (thanks for tip Mr. Taxi driver!) it seemed a bit stuffy and out of date, so we opted for Restaurant 360. It was gooorrrggeeusssss. But more to come on Restaurant 360 in another post.

Food aside, Dubrovnik has an old town in the centre which is a tiny fortress of cobbled streets and stairs and paths that are centuries old, and more recently restaurants and bars.

You can walk around the old town walls I about an afternoon and get some amazing sights. So, the weather is mostly Mediterranean but it rained a bit when we got there since there was a storm passing through. It was pretty cool so see the thunderbolts against the sky actually. 

These guys may or may not have been Croatian (I mean, I don't know, probably yes but I don't want to assume). They played some funky music and we had a boogie.

At night we headed for an outdoor jazz cafe called Troubadour Cafe, with really great live music. There's a guy who plays the double bass and a guy on the piano (totally underrated I think) and they both sing the classics (Frank Sinatra and others from that era who I can't name - yes I know shame on me). Beware though, drinks here are super expensive (like I know I'm a tourist but £5 for a glass of orange juice??). The atmosphere more than makes up for it though. I almost danced the whole way back to the hotel.

We didn't want to leave!

Oh well you see we didn't. Haha! We went to Montenegro instead for a day trip. This photo above is of the island of St. Stefan. It used to be a fishing village but was transformed into a luxury hotel resort a few decades ago. Secluded and far away from far reaching paprazzi lens, I've heard Brad Pitt is a regular. Well, for £4000 a night I'm not surprised!

Both in Montenegro and Dubrovnik, the water is so clear you can see all the fish swimming around and doing their thing (like, er, more swimming, I guess). 

I mean, Montenegro is stunning. If you go, you must visit Kotor Bay (where this photo was taken). Just look at the photo above! You couldn't even paint that (although I did see some people try, it looked really fun with a group of people stood on the bay with easels and brushes, I've made a mental note to do that next time).

Backin Dubrovnik, we had some fun on this trip with the photos, as you can see :) 

Dubrovnik by day is amazing, Dubrovnik by night is wonderful.

The morning of our flight, we went scuba diving for the first time ever. I'm now officially a converted scuba junkie! I want to go explore and see turtles and swim with fishies and.... I want to find Nemo! That would be awesome.

Dubrovnik, I love you, good night.


  1. wow looks wonderful :-) so happy for you

  2. Your photos are gorgeous - looks like you had a really fun time!

  3. Wow your trip looks lovely - I am definitely adding Dubrovnik to the wish list of places to go now!

  4. Sea, pool and seafood, just like in the film, what a splendid trip!


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