Sunday 5 March 2017

Raspberry And Coconut Loaf Cake

Hello! For the eagle eyed of you out there, I have been a little slooow with the blog posts of late. I actually have a backlog of travel posts that I have been meaning to put up for some time, although that time just never seems to come about (although, you are very welcome to check out my Instagram over here!! -----> unless you are viewing this on your phone, in which case, I have no idea where you would find it, nor would you really care, I'm guessing *nervous laugh*).

So this weekend I decided to bake something. Yay! So off I wandered, to the local Co-op (no, they did not sponsor this post) for ingredients. I found their baking magazine, I found eggs, and I found their coconut and raspberry loaf cake.

I lost the charger for my Canon SLR a while back in a hotel room (we've all been there) and have been too busy (read: lazy) to replace it. These are taken on my iPad with me lying awkwardly backwards on the floor trying to capture the best light on a drizzly Sunday morning in London (thank you Photoshop!).

Also, you may have noticed that for a lack of better baking display stands, I used a chopping board to display said cake. This board, however, seems to have its sole purpose literally etched on to it, and I had to carefully crop it out of the photos. Still, you might be able to see that is says 'vegetable' on the board in some of these photos...

Full cake recipe can be found here on the Co-op site. I added extra raspberries on top (although you could also put them inside the cake whilst baking). Besides, if you eat real fruit along with cake it cancels out the calories. So yeah, no guilt here.

The cake, itself, is delicious...if I must say so myself. Wooo congratulation meeeee!! (if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this video, it's hilarious Naoyuki Oi - Hilarious Post-Match Interview). 

I hope you enjoy and have a good week!


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