Monday, 7 March 2011

Macarons, dance shows and other sparkly things

There was once a girl from Cambridge,
Watching her degree go down the drainage,
So she decided to dance,
Well it sure is more fun,
Then analysing the economics of
supply and demand.

And as all parents do,
They said "we'll see you at your dance show soon!"
They came on the day,
Were soon back on their way,
But not before leaving her a BIG BOX OF MACARONS!!

My dad just got back from a business trip from Paris, so that's how I got them. They told me they had a 'surprise' for me, and I thought it was just more dumplings from home...but THIS WAS AMAZING!! 

I've made macaroons before from the Green & Black's cookbook (though I think they're more macaroons than macarons), and I can't say it's much compared to Ladurée, the old guard on Champs-Élysées and the first maker of macaroons some 150 years ago. 

And then obviously instead of completing my questions on linear regression I sat on my laptop on the Ladurée website trying to work out what all of the flavours were. But it was all in French, and since my GCSE's I have pretty much forgotten everything, so it took me some time.

It was only after I'd translated everything that I realised that there was a button on the bottom - 'Visit our website (English)'.

Oh my god. Just because these macarons are dense on the inside doesn't mean that I should be too.

But um, anyway, a couple of my friends also bought me some Pierre Hermé last year as a late birthday present, and I also took loads of photos of those too :)

Which then brings me to the question, Pierre Hermé or Ladurée? I have to admit I googled it, and it seems Pierre Hermé came out on top. After having both, I gotta say I think I prefer the flavours of Pierre Hermé (strawberry and wasabi, olive oil and vanilla...), but Ladurée does a really yummy liquorice flavour, and I normally loathe liquorice. It's a tough call.

Anyone have thoughts on these macarons? Or any rants about how extortionately priced they are?

Though if you're going to give me French macarons any day, I'm not fussy ;)

Lesson learned today: Read the website before trying to translate everything in French.


  1. Ooooh I used to work for Ladurée... the prices are exponential, I know ! Pierre Hermé is a hero of mine though, what he does with flavours is magical :)

  2. I have yet to have a macaroon!

  3. hey xinmei saw this on your profile and had to comment! laduree macarons have been my drug / treat / call it what you like since i was 5! if you ever get the chance, try one of their buches de noel at christmas.

    quick story: at the beginning of last term, i was in paris in a 1 hour queue for laduree (on a sunday morning i might add!!!!) and the guy behind me in line told his children to calm down and stop fighting (in french of course). he reminded them that this was where he had met their mother (on a different sunday morning) when he accidentally knocked her pain au chocolat out of her hand at the till. that's why every sunday morning they have to behave as he buys their mother's pain au chocolat. I admit I didn't turn around and say something, but it was so sweet:)


  4. Ooh, Laduree macarons, you lucky girl! You have such a beautiful blog and I'm looking forward to seeing more! :)

  5. Oh! I love macarons, and these one sure look so pretty and so yummie. If only I could get a hold of it :-) Hope you have a great week ahead.

  6. Isn't Shine the danceshow last year? ;) xx

  7. i don't see what the fuss is about macaroons. >.>

  8. Ooo, that is a wonderful surprise! Pretty AND delicious!

  9. @foodie and the chef: I agree! But I do wonder what Pierre Herme's next flavour combination is going to be :)

    @Kate: such a sweet story, thanks for telling me :) And a one hour queue is some pretty good dedication!

    @Mary: Well spotted :P I don't have any photos from this year's finale yet, and I'd really rather not put those of my sailor costume on here...

    @Qichao: have you ever had an authentic French macaroon?!?!

  10. I have been dying to try these or even, dare I say, make They are so pretty. They must have been delicious:)

  11. Very funny post! And yes, those macarons are GODLY! Hands down~ Lucky you have some :) Awesome surprise no less

  12. Ahhh that pretty green bag! I always get so excited when I see it. I slightly prefer Hermes for the flavours but they're bit pretty damn good! :)

  13. I've had both and I agree with you, Pierre Hermé is my favorite. I think the flavors are stronger and the texture is better, not that I would ever turn down a Ladurée macaron! I think the chocolate macaron from Pierre Hermé may just be the best thing I've ever eaten. Of course that may also be because I was ravenous after a long day walking around Paris and it was the first one I bit into.

  14. Laduree! Very jealous! I went to Paris during winter break but didn't go to Laduree because a friend we were with had already been. Instead we went to a place called Lenotre after which I was so full of sugar I couldn't walk properly.

    Then again I do think that macarons are currently a little overhyped... I always get angry looks from everyone when I say this though.

  15. Hi thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog about the flowers and Oxford. Yes you really must explore more .. I went yesterday again :-) Wow these macaroons must of really surprised you and from Laduree :-)


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