Saturday, 10 September 2011

Summer Sunshine

Christophe Roussel macarons in Paris

I'm not dead! I was just very busy... (it's practically the same thing).

I've now finished my internship, and am now back home for a few weeks before I go back to uni for my very last year (sob). So, I have some exciting things to post in very soon, watch out for:

- I've got a new bento box! (i.e. a new bento post to come)
- My guest post for Jill Colona from Mad About Macarons! (Yes, the very one)
- A little giveaway and info about Le Cordon Bleu cookery school
- Um. Cakes. Lots of them.

And as to The Internship, unfortunately I didn't get the offer from the investment bank but I'll be doing grad applications until I physically cannot type anymore (or get RSI, whichever comes first). If... you know anyone from an investment bank in equities sales who may be able to get me an interview, I will bake you the most MASSIVE TASTY YUMMYLICIOUS cake you could ever want. Ever. And I'll teach you how to solve the Rubik's cube too...

It's really an offer you can't refuse.

But before I leave to go bake/cook for my next post, I'll leave with some photos from various places I've been/things I've done this summer.

Hello Kitty cakes in Chinatown (London)

Snails in Paris

Afternoon tea at Egerton House Hotel (London)

And remember that my blog title says 'a girls road to self discovery through cooking...'? Through all of the cooking I've done this summer, I have discovered:

- very, very little.

I've actually been staring at this page for approximately 21 minutes and 36 seconds, and my mind is blank. I think I'm having one of those days. This will be made up for by cake, I promise :-)


  1. ahhh those macaron colors are brilliant! love them! just found u on facebook! :D

  2. Woo hoo! It's great to have you back in blogging land :D Im sorry the internship didn't turn out how you hoped. Neither did mine! Better luck next time eh :) unitl then there's always cake :D

  3. Welcome back! It looks like you've had a scrumptious summer. So glad you got some time in to have fun. :) Love the Hello Kitty Cakes- so cute!

  4. That afternoon tea looks fabulous - love the raspberry macaron. Can't wait to read your upcoming posts!

  5. That tea tier looks fabulous! I want to be invited to that person's house for high tea!

    As for the job hunt ... best of luck! It's always grueling, but you WILL find something!

  6. Aww the hello kitty cupcakes are so amazingly cute! Hope you had a good summer.

  7. If I could only make macaroons that lovely!

  8. Welcome back! how were the holidays? The macaroons look stunning and now I am waiting for your post on a bento box..oh! how I love those goodies ....

  9. You sound very busy, but glad to see your post again! Good luck with everything. I need to check Jill's site!

  10. The macaroons are like beautiful rainbows, the yummy version! Enjoy your last year at uni! :)

  11. Xinmei...great pictures, I especially love the macarons :-)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week and welcome back!

  12. @Junia - that's great! Thanks :)
    @ Emmw - thank you, what are you doing for grad stuff? (Are you graduating this year?)
    @Betty - yeah they were super cute, I wanted to buy all of them :)
    @ Lucy - thanks, can't wait to write them!
    @ Susan - Thank you :) It was actually a five star hotel, but I wouldn't mind having that as my house!
    @ Lot-O-Choc - agan, super cute! It was a great summer thanks :)
    @ yummychunklet - I've yet to try making macarons!
    @ Shilpa - thanks, the holidays were great but busy with the internship and all! Hope you like the bento box post :)
    @ Nami - My post on Jills site in 'in the works'... once I come up with an idea ;)
    @ Kitchen flavours - those macarons tasted amazing too, and thanks, I think I will after this summer :)
    @ Juliana - thank you, sometimes I forget to bring my camera and spend most of the evening banging my head on the table, but I got it on this occasion :)

  13. Hi Xinmei I am graduating this year! So will be applying for law school (and a loan to fund it haha) and then looking for a training contract which you have to do after law shcool to qualify as a solicitor. If I'd managed to get one this year they would've paid for law school for me, but never mind!!! Where do you want to work after you graduate?

  14. Oh I want that afternoon tea now and it's only mid-morning. Fantastic pictures. Hope your last year at Uni goes well and good luck with the job apps.

  15. The macarons look so colourful and must be tasty too .

  16. You lured me back in with these lovely macarons...
    Xinmei, great to hear you're back to blogging, the internship is finished (ouf - bet that's a relief) and good luck for the new year at Uni. Exciting times ahead PLUS I am so excited you're going to do something over at Mad About Macarons. Just let me know when you're ready, as this is going to be so much fun. I LOVE Pudding Pie Lane and LOVE your latest walrus bento and the economics lesson :-)


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