Sunday 18 August 2013

Dotcomgiftshop Blogger's Evening

So about a month ago now, the lovely people at Rex London invited a few of us bloggers to preview some of their new products and Christmas range. 


I love this kind of stuff :) 

I also met a few other bloggers out there (hello The More Than Occasional Baker and Caroline Makes!), and the guys at Dotcomgiftshop who are super nice. After being offered champagne and canap├ęs (yum yum) I wandered around the display in the gallery and went a little bit crazy with the photo taking. 

And these are the selection I weeded out from my (very vast) collection!

I've got some photos of their Christmas collection at the bottom of the page. It makes me really really REALLY want to listen to Michael Buble's Christmas album. 

But well, given its August, that would be kind of sad. 

And weird. 

So I'll wait a month er, a month or two. That's not early, is it?

Love these plasters! Yes, I am a 20-something and I like blue plasters with foxes on them. Don't judge me.

Actually, I think even I'm judging me. Hm.

So I found this list '31 signs you're officially a grown up', and this photo above reminded me of number 13 - your kitchenware matches. Thank goodness, my kitchenware definitely does not match. At all. 

I mean, our house seems to have a very low supply of table knives. Sometimes I use a fork and cut with a spoon. It's not very efficient.

But at least I get a little while longer pretending not to be officially grown up... just yet! (Or perhaps just too lazy to buy more knives??)

Oh wait, sign number 14 - you're officially grown up if your socks match. 

My socks match. 


Cute cute cute! 

So I'm not actually sure what these are. I think I did at the time, but then I forgot.

Well, that was a pointless sentence.


I love love love that advent calendar. 

Oh, and CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Have a great week! And don't start listening to Christmas music. I know you want to.


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