Saturday, 2 October 2010

Birthday card recipe no.7: Chocolate Digestive Biscuit Cake

Just looking at the ingredients makes me feel like my arteries are thickening. Emma didn’t specify how many people this cake was meant to serve, which is a dangerous step. What if the person who I made this for thought it served 2? Oh, but it’s okay, because I get to eat some along the way; and spare them some ;) Besides, if I use dark chocolate, it will help ‘lower blood pressure and have antioxidant effects’, which will TOTALLY cancel out the whole artery-thickening thing. Obviously.

Now that I am back at uni, I have no money (obviously), so it was Sainsbury’s basics for me. But I found out that’s it’s made in Belgium just like the rest of Sainsbury’s basics chocolate. And if it’s good enough for Belgium, then it’s good enough for me (to be honest I was surprised it wasn’t Made in China).

And I have to say that there is nothing basic about the basic’s biscuits! Just because they had to make the packet ugly to make you feel ashamed and reach for the more expensive ones, doesn’t mean that you have to! Once you take it out of the packet, no one’s going to notice. Or care, for that matter.

IMG_6812 edit     IMG_6814 edit    

I do have to admit that the Sainsbury’s one is a bit smaller. I tried it and it just tasted a little less crispy. And when you dunk it into your tea it crumbles a bit more easily – thus increasing the chances of soggy crumbs lurking at the bottom of your mug. No biggie.

As I was making this cake, step 2 told me to eat a square of the chocolate. I did. Step 4 told me to eat some of the biscuit mixture. I did. 

IMG_6809 edit

I like this recipe.

IMG_6830 (That’s chocolate bloom on the cake, which is just when the cocoa butter separates and has been stored in too warm a temperature. It’s okay, in the fridge now.) 

I think my friends did too!

Thanks Emma, just recipe is a keeper. And we all had some pretty sugar induced giggles afterwards too, just like in Bombong Tiga!

Eurgh…now I think I’ve eaten too much. I feel a little sick.

Lesson learned today: switch to Sainsbury’s basics, you can’t really taste the difference anyway.

Chocolate Digestive Biscuit Cake

Adapted from the Green and Black’s cookbook

Makes about 25 chunks
Ingredients Approx 500g chocolate
250 butter
About 15digestive biscuits
100g golden syrup
Up to 200g fillings of your choice (glace cherries, raisins, mixed nuts etc.)
Optional: 2 eggs
Melt the butter and golden syrup in a pan. Break the chocolate into chunks and melt them into the mixture. Pasteurise the eggs by beating them slowing into the hot chocolate mixture.

Grease a tin.

Break the biscuits into large chunks (they will break further when you mix it) and pour in the other fillings. Pour the chocolate mixture over the top and mix together.

Refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours.


  1. Beautiful and gorgeous photography!

  2. When I look at your photos, I feel like such a beginner!!

  3. Yum!! This chocolate biscuit cake wouldn't last 2 seconds in my house!! :)


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