Thursday, 26 April 2012

Doraemon Bento

I'm doing a post today because I've handed in my dissertation!

Hurrah! Let's celebrate!!!!



Okay celebrating done I never want to talk about my dissertation again four exams left am freaking out so moving on who wants cake? :D

Actually, better still, who wants to photos of a bento version of Doraemon? I do I do!


According to Wikipedia, Doraemon is an earless robotic cat who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy... teaching lessons regarding values such as integrity, perseverance, courage, family and respect for elders.

Well, I guess it's better coming from an earless robotic cat than from no one at all.

These Doraemon figurines are from a shop in China when I visited two years ago (in fact, I think they might be floating around in another post somewhere :S), and now they're appropriate to use here! 

He (I'm going to assume that all earless robotic cats are male) sure is smiley.

I know a few of you reading this will have watched Doraemon thingies growing up, so I hope I've done it justice :)

(By thingies I mean episodes... had a mental block then)


I also made a soy-sauce-flavour-fish-shaped egg with this bento (as you do), and in case you are interested, here's how :)

What you see above is an egg dipped in soy sauce, using egg moulds courtesy of the lovely people at CasaBento

I'm still having a bit of a mental block so I was just going to insert some appropriate fish noises here and hope that would do for the rest of the post. Buuuttt I can't think of any noises that fish make. Hm.

Googling 'fish noises'.

Blop. Blop blop blop. 

(That's the sound of my hypothetical fish making it's hypothetical fish noise).

ANYWAY....moving swiftly on...

You will need to:
- Boil an egg
- Whilst it's still warm, squish (technical term) it into the mould, and snap close.
- Drop it into a pan of warm water for about 3 minutes to let the egg stay soft enough to mould. 
- Roll in a small bowl of your chosen colouring (I used soy sauce for brown, but you can use beetroot juice for pink, curry powder is yellow, spinach leaves are green, roses are red, violets are blue...etc etc)

Box is again from CasaBento (Joyful Ladybird Click & Lock for those who are interested!). It's got an inside compartment and two mini compartments inside that, so I think you could use it to keep fruits/desserts and sandwiches/rice and sauces separate (wasabi coated grapes are not cool). 

For anyone else who have exams coming up, best of luck! If you haven't seen this yet, (where have you been?! Probably revising and not on Facebook, I salute you)



  1. Congratulations on submitting your dissertation. This bento box is super cute!

  2. wow how sweet is that! So cute!

  3. Those molds are charming and I think this entire box is the cutest ever.

    I won't mention you know what but we're all proud to know you.

  4. I love it! I was a huge fan of Doremon when I was a child. You have such great fresh ideas in this website...good luck with your studies too.

  5. I have those egg molds but the large eggs I used are still too small. I need to buy extra large eggs. Your bento looks very nicely done. All the best with the rest of the papers.

  6. That is so cute! I love the egg very much and you are so creative, the bento looks very tempting! Good luck in your studies and may you pass all your exams:)

  7. Congratulations on your dissertation! All the best in your studies!
    And your bento set is very cute! Used to love Doraemon when I was young! Lovely soy sauce egg, a great idea for a kid's meal!

  8. You never cease to amaze me! LOVE the moulded egg, very very cool technique! I must ask you ever feel like your lunch is too pretty to eat haha!

  9. Big congratulations and what a huge relief. Love your bento box as ever. I've just added you to one of my blog posts, which I shall hopefully publish tomorrow for this very thing and for your name ;-)


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