Saturday, 4 September 2010

Birthday card recipe no.1: The best BREAKFAST in Bombong Tiga!

I heart porridge. I’ve actually grown scarily fond of Quaker instant oats (especially with Nescafe fortified milk powder topped with condensed milk or peanut butter or, best of all, Milo chocolate powder) since living off Raleigh rations, and whilst everyone else was sneaking in crackers or noodles in their mess tin I was happily munching (or more like slurping) away at my yummy gooey mess.

I liked it so much that there is now 2 boxes of Quaker instant oats in the cupboard at home, and ASDA skimmed milk powder (I hadn’t used it in so long that it turned into this massive white powdery clump…)This morning when I made my porridge (took a while to break up the milk powder and declare it edible) it was, The Best Thing Ever.

Why had I never discovered this before? I was obviously making my porridge wrong. Real milk, pffft.


This recipe was not only the best breakfast in Bombong Tiga, it was the only breakfast in Bombong Tiga. Kudos to Nikki for subtitling it ‘yummy yummy in my tummy’ because I certainly thought so!

I have to say that this recipe is pretty self explanatory, and the exact amounts are trail and error. Although the Quaker porridge sachets have a line where you add milk too, I always think that’s not enough because runny is yummy!

For authenticity, serve it in a mess tin and eat with a spork (I accidentally melted mine whilst flipping flatbread in hot oil, I forgot it was made from plastic…).


Or you could just serve it in a bowl (or a cappuccino cup!).


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  1. I love this! Soo funny! I'm sure you'll make some for me when we both have awful hangovers from freshers week again ;)



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