Tuesday, 25 January 2011

You know you’re addicted to chocolate when…

  1. Chocolate becomes an adjective for everything.
    That’s chocotastic!

  2. Even though you’re supposed to be buying it for your little sister, you start munching through her advent calendar. In October.

  3. Christmas comes early when Thorntons has a sale.

  4. You try to eat malteasers using a straw, like they do in the advert (Bonus points if you succeed).

  5. Chocolate can distract you from the most important of tasks…ooh, is that a bar of Galaxy over there?

  6. Even though you’ve never won as much as a thumb war, you wrestle – yes, to the ground – those in front of you in the queue for the chocolate fountain.

  7. You buy exactly 100g of chocolate like Nigella said, but somehow only 50g of it makes it into the cake…

  8. A nice glass of red wine bar of Dairy Milk is just the thing to wind down after a long day.

  9. You start buying brown items of clothing to hide the evidence.

  10. You try to bake through every single recipe of the Green & Black’s cookbook.
Lesson learned today: It’s really important that every- oh, sorry, what was I saying? I got distracted by the KitKat I found in the bottom of the cookie jar.

In Kuala Lumpur airport at the duty free…now who wouldn’t prefer this to condensed red grapes that people squish with their feet?

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